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Modern business software designed for the apparel and textiles industries

ApparelX is a textile ERP solution which is a modern, flexible and mobile suite of business applications designed and developed specifically for textile, apparel, footwear and soft furnishing companies of all sizes and shapes including manufacturers, contract suppliers to high street retailers, importers and distributors of branded ranges.

Designed to grow with you, ApparelX clothing and footwear software is highly scalable and suitable for any shape and size of company.

Used by some of the industry’s best and well-known names, ApparelX clothing and footwear software represents a proven, affordable solution requiring the minimum of maintenance and IT resource, and offers significant business advantage with a rapid return on investment (ROI).

As companies struggle to compete in today’s highly competitive market that continually reshapes itself, a means that to operate gracefully using highly accurate, informative and current information is a great advantage. All companies seek to have goods delivered on time to its customers to the agreed contract specifications and doing this first time every time is what Syscom does to help companies grow. 

ApparelX software is proven to deliver this desirable result for textile, PPE, workwear, apparel, footwear and soft furnishing companies of all sizes and shapes.