ERP Software for the Furniture Industry

Whether you make bedside tables, three-piece suites, office desks or chairs, furniture manufacturing can present a set of unique and complex challenges.

Raw material prices are always changing, catalogues of products may include thousands of variations and often, items being made have already been sold and customers are given promise dates that must be adhered to. For furniture manufacturers, it’s vital that the details of sales orders are accurate, or it could be costly to rectify later.

A furniture manufacturing software solution can help companies in the furniture industry to run efficiently and offers simple solutions to these challenges. It can help you to:

  • Become more competitive
  • Improve business operations
  • Reduce costs, increase effectiveness and give your customers 100% satisfaction
  • Optimise resource planning capabilities so deliveries are on time and accurate
  • Streamline your supply chain
  • Easily manage quality control