Begin your digital transformation journey with ERP software

At Syscom, we've been working with Microsoft software and designing our own ERP software solutions for over 40 years, providing businesses large and small with systems that can connect people, businesses and processes to improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase profit margins. 

The ERP products we provide are adaptable and fit for purpose - we configure ERP software from ‘out-of-the-box' solutions to a tailored business solution designed to accommodate the specific needs of different industries. Each ERP implementation we undertake is bespoke, to meet the requirements of an individual business, to be able to achieve their objectives and growth. 

Our ERP Software Products

We are a trusted and experienced provider and implementer of a range of Microsoft products including Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Business CentralDynamics AX, Dynamics GP, and Microsoft 365 for Business. We have also designed a Microsoft certified app, Syscom 365 Furniture, which makes Dynamics 365 suitable for the furniture industry, and Syscom 365 which is an app for bespoke manufacturers. 

Along with this, we offer our own Syscom-authored ERP solution; ERP8 which is a modern solution for manufacturers and distributors of all shapes and sizes, and ApparelX, which is software for the textile and apparel industry. Based on highly flexible architectures and code, the Syscom ERP product suite can be configured to any industries needs.