ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

In short, ERP software integrates key business functions such as finance, supply chain management, operations, customer service, sales, marketing and more into one place to allow businesses to gain insight, reduce their costs and perform better. 

There are two ways ERP solutions can be deployed, on-premise and in the cloud


What Industries Can ERP Software Be Used For? 

ERP software solutions can be used across various industries and tailored to specific business needs.

At Syscom, we provide ERP software for manufacturers, distributors and apparel and furniture companies.


Digital Transformation and ERP Software

Digital transformation and a modern ERP software system can give your business a competitive edge and boost productivity.

The integration of IoT with ERP systems offers numerous advantages for your business, while the utilisation of AI is becoming increasingly inevitable. Embracing these technologies can lead to significant improvements in productivity and overall performance.