A comprehensive suite of intelligent business applications

ERP8 is a modern, flexible and using with latest IoT technology, fully mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solution, designed and developed by Syscom PLC, ideal for manufacturers and distributors of all types

ERP8 offers a complete Financial, Analytical and Business Management system unifying data and processes across multiple sites, connecting staff, customers and suppliers regardless of time or location. It provides the means to operate gracefully using Big Data obtained from sources from within your business to create great advantage.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use

To employ such tools and services is a challenge in itself. So, Syscom has authored a proven methodology of involving staff, minimising disruption and engaging effective change management processes avoiding costly downtime or misunderstanding.

Your employees will become far more effective as a result, with access to intuitive information needed to do their job effectively through a dashboard of their own making, collaborating with other departments.

ERP8 contains a variety of ‘self-serve’ fully integrated modules which can be combined together to form a complete system, covering

• Financials
• Manufacturing
• Procurement
• Distribution
• Customer service

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