A trusted Microsoft partner for over 20 years providing Microsoft IoT products

Syscom offers a range of products, applications and toolsets from the Microsoft stable to suit organisations both large and small. 

Even if you have already purchased from Microsoft, unless you know what you have, how can you possibly know what can be achieved? You may only ever use a small element of what you have paid foror perhaps you have even bought something extra that you could already have installed. 

Syscom in its years of supporting such clients does not always sell you new products. More a case of helping you understand and use what you have effectively. It is only when there is need to expand your product portfolio that we will engage new Microsoft ERP solutions that satisfy the functions you require. 

Find the right Microsoft tools to satisfy your needs long into the future using Syscomprofessional services. Whether you're looking to improve communication between departments, increase efficiencies or provide better customer service, we can help you plan and implement the right suite of applications that match your business and growth aspirations. 

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