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Microsoft have certified Syscom 365Furniture®, an application designed specifically for use with Dynamics 365 if you work within the furniture and soft furnishings industry. It has been designed by the furniture industry for the furniture industry to simplify the manufacturing process. Syscom 365Furniture® will completely transform how furniture manufacturers use Microsoft Dynamics and the suite of applications available.

Being such a unique industry, one in which products are often sold before the specification has reached the manufacturing table, it is the detail that often gives rise to frustrations when items are delivered that are not what the customer expected. How pays for the rework or replacement of items lost in transit ?

As there can be many thousands of options to consider in the making of such items, for instance what to charge as items are often charged differently depending on relations and discounts. Fabric for instance fall into Price bands along with many options so when a total price is needed, this can be difficult to obtain. So why cant this be automated ? well it can ensuring accuracy of your transit documentation that tasks required are exactly what was recorded at the Sales Order Entry stage.

Scheduling at every stage of transit and the ability to adapt orders and designs on the fly to customer specifications or revised specifications are now so simple without any loss of quality. But, having the confidence of knowing that the associated parts required to deliver an order will be with you when needed will allow you the confidence of being able to give accurate delivery dates that you can meet.  From experience, Syscom 365Furniture® eliminates costly mistakes and errors that occur during production increasing your right first time rating. Having the right software can be the difference between a successful sale and hundreds of pounds wasted time to fix a mistake. 

It therefore comes as no surprise that furniture manufacturers spend thousands of pounds fixing production errors that could have been avoided. Even by using what they had been told was the best software for their needs then still find themselves having to shell out more when translation of need creates error. It is for this reason that Microsorft, the Furniture Industry and Syscom joined forces to create the Syscom 365Furniture Application turning the 'out of box' D365 into one designed specifically for your needs and for a few extra pound per month.