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Knowing how or where your furniture manufacturing process needs to be improved can be difficult to pinpoint, but there are key warning signs that may indicate where improvements can be made. We take a look at where improvements can be made, and how software solutions can help.

Where can improvements be made to your furniture production process?

Data Visibility & Accuracy

Data visibility is a vital part of the success of any business and furniture manufacturers are no different. Being able to gain a complete overview of your operations is essential in being able to identify key efficiency improvements that could be made to your system across all areas of the business including production, finance, sales, supply chain and inventory. Complete data visibility allows you to create accurate reports which can then be used to aid key decision-making at all levels throughout your operations.  

With more accurate data available throughout the system, fewer errors are made during the furniture production process which in turn reduces costs and reduces waste through improved inventory management, forecasting and reporting.  

Stock Shortages & Delays 

Do you continuously have shortages within your stock and materials which hinders your ability to produce your final product on time? Having stock shortages which make up your bill of materials (BOMs) can affect production capacity, lead times, delivery agreements and your customer service capabilities.  

Delays and shortages can be due to poor material resource planning. If this process is inaccurately carried out there can be shortages within production line which slows production output and means you can’t get your products out on time.  

Like any business, furniture manufacturers will use a demand forecast for the coming year or quarter to try and predict how much stock, materials and resources they will require to complete their projected workload. If this is manually carried out, errors could be made and the estimation can sometimes be far from that which actually happens, this can mean stock shortages or even overstocking of materials which will cost you money and time in the process. 

Furniture ERP software can automate and accurately predict demand forecasts, production & capacity planning and material resource planning to avoid stock shortages within your production process.

Poor Inventory Management

Having little to no control over your inventory management can lead to further problems throughout your business. Being able to gain complete visibility over your inventory is vital in being able to optimise your manufacturing process.  

The need to access current stock and inventory levels in real-time is essential for furniture manufacturers as materials and stock purchased need to be used on a continual basis, if this information cannot be accessed effectively, errors may start being made throughout inventory management, for example, if your employees cannot see how much of a certain resource or material you currently have in stock, over purchasing may occur which leads to high working capital while also creating dead stock in your warehouse. 

Time is a key indicator of the impact that poor inventory management has on your business. When stock isn’t located where it is stated within the system, staff must manually locate stock items, which can add time to the production and delivery commitments you have as a furniture manufacturer. Further to this, being able to track where items were moved, allocated and sold is vital to avoid confusion amongst your staff and avoid over-purchasing, wasted time and further errors being made.  

Inventory management capabilities can be improved with innovative furniture ERP software solutions.

Interested to find out more?

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