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Traceability provides visibility and accountability throughout your supply chain by offering a complete overview of the product from start to finish. 

Traceability enables manufacturers to track the movements of a product throughout the supply chain and manufacturing process, which can include:  

  • Product manufacturing details – time of manufacture, items used, assembly information, procurement details, production information etc.
  • Shipment and delivery information – delivery location information, method of shipping, shipping costs, delivery instructions etc.
  • Supplier information – details of parts used from suppliers, time and date of supplier purchases, notes etc. 


Benefits of traceability in Manufacturing  

  • Improve product recalls – Managing and handling product recalls can be difficult, especially if your operations are multinational and widely distributed across the world. This has become particularly important in food manufacturing where products must be recalled with urgency and efficiency to mitigate the associated risks. Having access to key information including product numbers, batch numbers, delivery locations/stores and so on can help locate batches of products and recall them quickly. 
  • Improve customer service – Customer service is crucial for customer loyalty and satisfaction and a vital part to any  successful business. Handling customer service complaints effectively, therefore, is paramount. Traceability gives employers access to the correct product information and its associated processes. Providing customers with accurate and up-to-date information creates a positive customer journey and increases the likelihood of repeat business. 
  • Root cause analysis – Traceability improves your capacity to perform root cause analysis across your manufacturing operations. Root cause analysis is the process of looking back into the manufacturing process to identify why, when, where and how a problem occurred. This could be used to identify a faulty piece of machinery or equipment, a new employee making mistakes, or if a critical step, such as safety checks, has been missed for a product. 
  • Improve product quality -  Traceability identifies key areas in your production process where product quality and performance is being hindered. This could mean identifying a process or task in production which is either causing product quality issues or poor performance. For example, this could be a faulty piece of machinery or even a manually automated task being carried out incorrectly, resulting in a finished product that does not meet requirements.   


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