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Breaking the stereotype, manufacturers are slowly starting to get on board and buy into the wave of digitisation sweeping the industry. However, amidst a sea of opinions, it can be hard to discern what your shop floor technicians and manufacturing software systems need. There are three big software solutions; MRP (Material Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

So, which one is the way to go? From scheduling to automation, frontline monitoring, plant floor management, supply chain supervision, and the top floor - your needs can be overwhelming and your competition steadily adept. Often, you’ll be confronted with the question: “which manufacturing software solution is suitable for me?”

You might need better inventory management, visibility, productivity, or cost reduction - and you need to know which system will be the one to serve those exact needs.

Join us as we go through the different yet subtle similarities of MES software and Manufacturing ERP software.

Which one can meet your needs, and keep your assembly line manageable, productive, and forward-thinking?

The demands of manufacturing both on a domestic and global stage cannot be ignored in 2022. The UK is the 9th largest manufacturing nation globally, so it is critical to digitise, modernise, and keep up with the times - this includes the coveted investment in manufacturing management software.