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If you’re a manufacturer, unplanned downtime, equipment failure, or unexpected outages can seriously detriment the efficiency of your operations. External technicians or maintenance teams may be able to remedy these problems, but a quick fix will not recoup the losses of backlogs in production, wasted resources and delayed orders. Adopting modern, data-driven smart technology in manufacturing can provide the solution for not letting these disruptions have a domino effect on your supply chain, profit margins, or customer relations further down the line.

Maintenance only becomes an issue when downtime events are unplanned and/or occurs semi-regularly. Downtime and maintenance is an inevitability in manufacturing, machinery and systems have life cycles which regularly require time and resources to maintain. Smart technology fully comprehends that downtime and maintenance are inescapable and incorporates predictive maintenance in manufacturing.

Having to anticipate when your equipment and machinery are due for maintenance ahead of time is a problem faced by many manufacturers. Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 offer the benefits of predictive maintenance in manufacturing - maintaining systems and replacing parts requires long-term planning and end-to-end visibility across sourcing, production, warehouse, and distribution operations. Long life cycles and inexperience with new equipment can leave maintenance departments unable to accurately predict their long-term maintenance schedules.

Smart technology in manufacturing is an agile solution that integrates data with processes to deliver a continually evolving manufacturing performance. In the race to reduce downtime in manufacturing, leveraging predictive and prescriptive data-driven analytics from ERP or Dynamics 365 allows for optimal decision-making.

In a report conducted in 2022, it was found that the average large plant lost 25 hours a month to downtime.” - Senseye’s True Cost of Downtime 2022

To avoid disruption within the production process, cloud-based technology allows the modern manufacturer to foresee maintenance issues and proactively deal with upcoming maintenance. The benefits of predictive maintenance in manufacturing are unlocking true end-to-end visibility to make optimal decisions in real time by minimising data latency and maximising proactivity.

An agile, multi-application intelligence suite, such as Syscom ERP8 or Dynamics 365, will reduce downtime in manufacturing, use machine learning–enabled digital assistants to foresee maintenance issues and prime your operations for upcoming events with IoT-enabled solutions.