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Being able to automate key tasks throughout your distribution operations takes away the need for human intervention, providing an array of benefits to any distribution or wholesale company.

The advantages you can gain from automating processes benefits all stakeholders across the business from the highest levels of management to key ground warehouse operators. ERP software for distributors provides the solutions to many key industry problems, many of which can be solved through automation.

Why Do Distribution and Wholesalers Need Automation?

As supply chains become more complex and customer demand grows, distribution companies need to implement automation technology in order to remain competitive. Automation within the distribution industry can lead to improved efficiency, reduced human error, cost savings and the ability to free up your warehouse operators time so that they can carry out other value adding tasks within the business.

What Areas of a Distribution Business Can You Automate?

Demand Forecasting

Being able to accurately predict customer demand for future months or seasons is vital to all distributors and wholesalers in being able to improve their customer satisfaction and maximise potential sales. Through utilising historical demand data, machine learning capabilities and AI, distributors can now achieve highly accurate demand forecasts which eliminate potential human error and allows trends to be identified year on year to continually improve the precision of their forecasts.

Although this process is automated, ERP functionality allows you to factor in additional considerations for the system to tailor the forecast around potential industry changes, peak periods or changes in legislation which may not be apparent in the system and may effect the actual demand for that period, thus improving the overall accuracy.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key area in any distribution or wholesale company which must be optimised in order to meet demand, reduce the amount of dead stock and to make the most out of the warehouse space you have. Automating such processes through ERP is becoming increasingly popular due to the accuracy and benefits it provides.

Inventory levels can be automated to ensure that the current stock levels are in line with predicted demand forecasts to ensure customer satisfaction. Automating this process also prevents over purchasing which can lead to dead stock throughout your warehouse, which not only takes up needed space but also reduces your ability to purchase other stock which could provide significant revenue.

Whether your distribution or wholesale company has a single site or multiple different site locations, where and when items are stored can be optimised so that the products you need are as close to your customers as possible to ensure a reduction in fulfilment times and reduced costs for transporting, storing and procuring.


Reporting enables all your stakeholders to access the data they need, when they need it. Automating report generation eliminates human error by taking the data directly from the system and displaying it in a visual and interactive way which meets the needs of each stakeholder.

All levels throughout your organisation require different data. For example, different levels of management throughout your business may require different reports and sets of data compared to the data needs of warehouse operators. Automating this process ensures that data is not re-entered into the system manually, reducing errors and thus improves decision making due to accuracy of the data provided.

Having access to data reports when you need them is directly linked to improved productivity while providing real time insights will help your workforce to make better decisions throughout their daily operations.

Want to find out how your distribution or wholesale company can benefit from ERP automation?

If your business does not utilise automation throughout its operations, you could fall behind your competition. Syscom can tailor ERP solutions to any type of distributor or wholesaler to allow them to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

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