For over 40 years Syscom has served the Textile, Apparel & Fashion Industries providing applications that control every step. 

It is a well-known fact that poor communication can cripple a business. From the weaving of thread to garment assembly, embroidery on uniforms or work-wear, Syscom provides applications that control every stage of the process.

Syscom is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading providers of ERP Business Applications to the Fashion, Technical Textile and Apparel Industries. Our staff have all been recruited from the industries we serve and have extensive 'hands on' experience in the Textile, Clothing, Work Wear, Footwear, Accessories and Soft Furnishing sectors - giving us unrivalled insight into the industries served.

Having supplied tailored applications to match a variety of needs, Syscom understands how simple process changes can make huge material differences to an organisation and does not always involve the purchase of software. But, when an organisation struggles, missing deadlines, insufficient inventory, dye batch error or does not possess the means to deliver then Syscom has built a library of tailored applications that can be moulded to suit your needs.

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