Manufacturing ERP Business Applications and bespoke services Manufacturers of all complexities 

As one of the major industries for the UK economy, manufacturing should be simple. But, from experience, it can be made unnecessarily complex through communication layers being added that are just not needed. Being able to visualise such layers whilst introducing effective communication can often lead to far more effective processes and efficiencies.

Controlling stock to line-item levels can be a struggle for some since balancing supply with demand can be difficult. Especially without tools that can simplify this exercise. So, for companies that focus on the importance of working capital management and the cost efficiency lean manufacturing delivers are most likely to emerge as the strongest.

ERP Business applications when used in conjunction with modern IoT technologies connect operations throughout entire organisations, their supply chains and their customer base. Increased communication has been proven to build operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Where do you feel your organisation is on this communication journey...