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Things to consider when changing internal business systems and replacing them with a fully integrated modern ERP software system

Choosing the right ERP software solution for your company is a big decision and is likely to require a considerable investment. But, it is worthwhile remembering that an ERP software system will ultimately support the entire organisation to deliver savings and benefits throughout - so there are several things to consider when making your choice.

Where do you start with choosing an ERP software solution?

This is a difficult task, as there are so many variations both large and small all promising the earth and delivery of huge benefits. Many even use the same words making it impossible to differentiate.

So to begin, look at all systems firstly at a high level to define which performs the way you are planning, then select a partner that sells such systems. Those that choose partners because of popularity and size often wish they hadn’t since size isn’t everything.  Moreover, the larger the partner the less likely you will retain control. 

Here are our top five things to consider when changing or implementing your ERP software system