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Arguably more so than any other industry, clothing manufacturing faces many challenges with juggling a substantial range of raw materials, product types, production volumes, supply chains, and retail markets subject to constant variations. Fashion requires a quick response in a sector teeming with increasing competition. The production planning requirements and quality in cutting, sewing, knitting, and maintaining weaving machines can be overwhelming.

Because of this, ApparelX ERP for fashion is becoming a crucial tool for dealing with one of the most pressing problems in the industry: raw material management issues. The global online fashion industry is expected to spike at over $1 trillion by 2025 with a 7.18% compounded annual growth rate, so tackling an issue so common (most apparel manufacturers cite it as their number 1 issue) with swiftness can be critical to your company's future. With the modern solutions of apparel manufacturing software, you get invaluable visibility of the entire production timeline from conception to raw materials procurement to packaging and shipping.

Syscom understands the unique obstacles apparel manufacturers face. With every garment coming defined with data for assorted sizes, styles, colours, and lengths, the amount of raw data you have to deal with before production is vast. ApparelX fashion ERP system can process and present this data into real-time reports, providing you with visibility and insights into inventory costs, and helping you to manage complex product variants with ease. Controlling every production process and stocking raw materials is impossible for textile workers with legacy systems.

What are the greatest raw material inventory threats garment manufacturers have to worry about?

Whether pure raw material, semi-finished, or finished, inventory tends to be the most important aspect of a textile business. To keep control over fabric and trim purchasing, you have to have a solid grasp over your inventory, and two of the greatest issues that tend to come up in raw material inventory are:

1. Overflowing stock

The simple fact is that sometimes, the sheer amount of raw material stock you receive in a bundle can be a lot to handle. You can sometimes receive such an overwhelming amount of stock that your warehouse has insufficient space.

2. Limited Visibility

The reluctance to make the digital switch is holding apparel manufacturers back when they still rely on manual methods and legacy systems to obtain raw materials. Without the help of ERP software for apparel, stock running low can cause delays, order times will be clumsily scheduled, and demand figures could outpace the production figures of garments. You cannot control every production process manually as a textile industry participant without the relief of big data that apparel ERP software can provide.

How does apparel manufacturing software patch up your raw material stock problems?

Apparel manufacturing software can help with regulating raw material stock in the following ways:

  • Forecasting and demand planning

  • Inventory levelling

  • Quality control

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