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Peak periods throughout the year, such as black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas time can be challenging for distributors, with an influx of orders and operations running at full capacity. Success demands meticulous planning and coordination from order placement to doorstep delivery.

The holidays are a high-pressure period for distributors. In July 2023 online spending values rose by 4.1% due to strong growth in non-store retailing and other non-food stores. Distributors face scrutiny over tight deadlines, fast delivery, product variety, and collection options. An astonishing 80% of shoppers surveyed want same-day shipping. To keep up with internet sales and customer expectations, traditional distributors are embracing digital transformation - upgrading legacy systems with ERP software.

Tailored ERP software for distributors helps manage pressure and competition, meeting high fill rate standards, seamless warehousing, and real-time tracking. Achieving perfection necessitates precise visibility, data tracking, and inventory management at every step, eliminating backorders and lost sales.

We look at some of the ways wholesale distribution ERP software can help distributors operate more effectively during peak periods.