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Syscom PLC helps Detroit Electric move up the gears and gain lightning speed communication from Microsoft Dynamics AX Medic

In today’s economy, time is of the essence - your customers expect this and so do you. You’ve obtained the equipment and cloud servers are running, yet your daily transactions remain slow which is holding you back from completing what is required for your customers and shareholders. Is this the environment where dynamic, fresh new businesses should be? Are they not receiving the care and attention they expect? These are questions being asked by so many.

Detroit Electric group recognised this as a high risk area, and placed the care of their hosted Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system into the hands of Syscom PLC. This has allowed the business to achieve its growth ambitions in a new era. Reducing costs, greater flexibility, on-going support and managed services are some of the improvements.

"Syscom was not only interested in Detroit Electric achieving its goals but also focused on our business getting the speed we had originally thought we would have. Syscom listened carefully to what we wanted, they took time to understand and after only a few days I am happy to report this has been achieved with the least amount of disruption" said Martin Haywood; Finance Director, Detroit Electric.

Martin goes on to say “We bought Microsoft Dynamics AX as we felt it was the right ERP for our business. We had it hosted within a cloud environment to negate the need to continually manage hardware expectations. Sadly, this environment was not as we expected it to be".

"Having learnt about Syscom's AX Medic services, we held a few discussions and saw that Syscom was not only interested in what we were doing, they understood our growth plans and the issues preventing them from happening. We had the confidence to place the care of our AX system in to their hands and within a few days we achieved our goals and our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system is now running like a dream. There are many things we would like to do and in the hands of Syscom I am confident that we will achieve all that is planned"

Working with Syscom

Syscom PLC is a Microsoft Gold Partner of many years and as such through experience we have recognised that not everyone gets to achieve the results they were promised when they first bought Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Don’t let poor support taint your view, it can always be made to work through a few simple steps. Put your faith in the AX Medic Team, Detroit Electric have and you could too.

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