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  • Why Cloud IT Solutions Are Helping Companies Grow in 2021


Are you thinking of moving your company to a cloud-based IT solution in 2021? Doing so could help your company grow in more ways than you might expect and help you to withstand a challenging climate.  

Whether your business is small or large, cloud-based services are continuing to grow and are becoming more widely used by companies wishing to take advantage of the technology available.  

Read on to discover the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions and how adopting them can help your business thrive. 

  • Lower cost 
  • Work from anywhere 
  • Scalable to your requirements 
  • Complete visibility 

Lower cost  

Whilst your IT department are a vital piece of the puzzle, the rapid rate of software and hardware evolution can turn IT into a very expensive part of your business. Cloud-based IT solutions can help your business save money, while not compromising on the quality and efficiency of service. 

Monthly and annual packages are now widely available, the savings made from not paying for hardware, software, and infrastructure maintenance costs can significantly free up capital which can be used elsewhere within your business. On top of this, upfront costs are low and subscription plans are flexible, helping your business spread the cost of IT and make spending more predictable. 

Work from anywhere  

With the events of 2020 continuing with no clear end in sight just yet, many businesses are well adapted to a large proportion of the workforce being at home. Cloud-based solutions mean you can work from wherever, whenever without constraints so your business operations can continue no matter where your workforce is located. This flexibility doesn’t just mean you can take your business on-the-go, it can also be a massive benefit for employees and potential new hires. 

With remote working, one of the main issues is the security of networks and systems while out of an office environment. The use of secure and reliable VPN’s has meant that employers can confidently allow their staff to work from home knowing that external threats will be identified and eliminated, reducing the risk to the business’ IT infrastructure and data. 

Scalable to your requirements  

Cloud-based IT gives you the ability to scale your data resources up and down as and when you require, meaning you can always accommodate change without spending or losing money. With the recent uncertainties in markets and business climates, Cloud solutions offer some form of stability in being able to flexibly scale up or down your operations while minimising the cost. 

The Cloud gives you the option to manage the size of your systems by choosing your storage, bandwidth and applications. You can easily adapt your IT services as your business grows, without causing major disruption to your workflow. 

Complete visibility  

Having cohesion between departments and teams will help improve communications, problem solving, and the work your employees produce.  Cloud technology gives you the ability to work more collaboratively, by offering applications that work alongside each other seamlessly so you can access, edit, and share documents from any place, all in real-time.