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Each year, many businesses invest in Microsoft Dynamics software. Microsoft Dynamics gives companies the ability to run their entire business, reducing costs across the board through improved processes and better data insights.

However, the benefits aren’t always realised, and many times businesses find themselves left out of pocket with a system that doesn’t meet their needs and provides no cost or time savings - the very reason our Dynamics Medic service was set up.

This is usually down to the Microsoft Partner who installed and supported your project. This outlines the need to select the right Microsoft Partner to avoid costly investments and further setbacks, 

Reasons Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 projects can fail

Costs Are Significantly Exceeded

The general cost of Microsoft Dynamics, depending on the size of your business, can vary across six and seven figure values for an on-premise complete implementation. Considering the scale of such price tags, you would expect that a very well planned and detailed implementation would follow with all considerations taken into account prior to being quoted on the work and having paid the price.

Unfortunately this is not always the case and due to poor planning from your chosen Microsoft Partner, the costs can significantly rise above what was quoted. This may be due to extra time needed, extra hardware, customisations, maintenance, training and third-party integrations.

Long Installation Time / Underestimated Delivery Time

Any ERP implementation, no matter the size and scale of the business should take no longer than 120-150 days. Microsoft Partners usually charge per day during the installation phase of the project, so the time scale provided to you matters more than you may think.

Unfortunately, you may find that some partners will say they can install and deliver the system within a certain amount of days or before a specific deadline, they may actually overestimate their capabilities which leads to an increase in costs per day for installations or results in missed deadlines which can compromise the need for the system entirely.

Improvements Not What Expected / Does Not Work How You Intended It To

If you haven't selected the right partner for your industry, what is promised and what is delivered can unfortunately be two completely different things when implementing Microsoft Dynamics into your business.

Having Dynamics installed and then finding that it doesn’t work quite how you intended it to just isn’t good enough. It may cause more internal issues with your users or even cause other issues both internally and externally to your business which could further increase costs outside of your budget.

Lack Of Support Or Training From Partner

Many of the companies that contact our Microsoft Dynamics Support team have a partner which provides little to no support at all when it is needed. Some companies have found themselves waiting weeks for issues to be resolved while they are is left to deal with it. Other times it comes down to simply not getting the level of support they need and are paying for.

A lack of support doesn’t necessarily always mean that your Microsoft Partner won’t support you with issues you have relating to the newly installed Dynamics software they have provided you. However, it can be the case that resolving these issues may incur significant costs on top of the price you paid to have it installed. If your business simply does not have the additional funds to rectify problems you're experiencing with Microsoft Dynamics, you may find that your users start resorting back to old methods and systems to be able to get their job done.

Are You Experiencing One Or More Of These Issues?

Introducing the Dynamics Medic Support Service

If you are one of many companies experiencing similar issues to that described above, we understand your frustrations and are here to help. Our Dynamics Medic support service recovers your failed Dynamics implementation that your Microsoft Partner has left you with. We have been able to help many different companies, successfully recovering projects on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 through this unique service program.

Did You Know - You Can Easily Change Microsoft Partner!

If you are dissatisfied with your installation or you are experiencing difficulties with your current MS Dynamics support partner, then you have the option to change it. 

Achieve your original goals and get back on the road to recovery, call us on 01384 400 600, email info@syscom.plc.uk or complete a contact form below to get in touch and find out how we could help your business today.