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Each year, many businesses invest in Microsoft Dynamics software. Microsoft Dynamics gives companies the ability to run their entire business from a single system, reducing costs across the board through improved processes and better data insights.

However, the benefits aren’t always realised, and often businesses find themselves left out of pocket with a system that doesn’t meet their needs and provides no cost or time savings. It is estimated that over 50% of ERP implementations fail - the very reason our Dynamics Medic service was set up.

The reason for failed Dynamics implementation is usually down to your Microsoft Partner. This outlines the need to select the right Partner to avoid costly investments and further setbacks.

Choosing the Right Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Dynamics is a fully comprehensive system and can be configured to meet most requirements. Careful preparation is required to ensure that the system delivers exactly what is required, and this is where working with an experienced partner is key. Your partner should understand your industry, your requirements and how best to address them.

Issues can arise at different steps along the process, but the main Dynamics implementation challenges we come across, are when the wrong questions have been asked or the incorrect information has been provided. As a result, the system set up does not deliver what is needed.

Why do Dynamics Implementations Fail?