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13.04.16 by John Ewing

Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Configurator revolutionises the manufacturing process.

In a world where beautiful furniture hits our high streets each day, spare a thought for the fast moving and highly complex environment in which the said items have been manufactured. Bespoke items carrying thousands of variations and options where there is no room for delay, the furniture industry has to be one of the most difficult in which to work.

This is the world that surrounds you… yet day after day, thousands upon thousands of beautiful pieces of furniture are delivered without fail into high street stores ready for collection or onward delivery. That is a huge challenge, especially since your IT systems and business processes may be tired and creaking. 

In creating Dynamics AX, Microsoft have insured inbuilt flexibility and diversity such that AX flexes as you flex, deviates as your needs must whilst all the time maintaining control and letting your production flow. Not only does it create the perfect order, but also assimilates accurate details to the shop floor so that perfect pieces of furniture leave your doors 1st time without delay or rework. 

Within Microsoft Dynamics AX lies a wide set of fully integrated enterprise Product Configuration tools. Their purpose is to simplify the customers ordering experience and provide a truly professional environment in which to capture orders rapidly and with accuracy.

You may be faced with a daunting problem. Items you sell can be configured in many thousands of variations – size, colour, fabric, frame, material for example - and you receive hundreds of orders each day. Having the time to even identify sales order errors could be impossible, let alone fixing the mistake. Getting the order right first time is a challenge in itself and is the prime reason for rejected deliveries, rework and lost profit.