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ERP implementations can fail for several reasons. The failure of ERP projects is usually down to the software partner which you choose to implement your desired system, and not the actual software itself. So, when your company is considering an ERP system and a partner to support you throughout the process, it might be useful to keep the following questions in mind.

Do they listen to your business needs?  

ERP software provides solutions to many problems within your current business operations. Failing to clearly identify your needs as a customer sets your project on the path to disaster where you may find that the system you wanted has not been delivered in the way you expected and that it does not solve the problems set out to fix.   

You may also find that some software partners will try to base their installation on their own views opposed to those you put forward. This indicates that the partner does not understand your business and what it needs to solve the issues you are having, ultimately resulting in a system that does not meet your requirements.  

Do they have the required knowledge, capabilities and expertise to do the job right? 

Having the right team behind your ERP implementation is vital to its success both initially and moving forward into the future. You may find that many partners claim to have extensive amounts of expertise in-house to get the job done, but can they demonstrate this? 

To ensure you are choosing the right partner you may want to consider if they have previous and extensive knowledge of your industry and have successfully implemented ERP solutions into similar organisations. This demonstrates that they understand your needs entirely. 

Another indicator to a lack of knowledge or expertise could be longer proposed installation times. This may indicate one of two things, one would be that the partner does not have the required knowledge to get the job done in a reasonable timeframe, but it may also mean that you are going to be over charged for the same result. The longer an installation takes means the cost will rise significantly as installation is usually charged per day.  

Did you know? The average ERP installation time is 150 days

Can they explain and demonstrate how the ERP software can benefit you? 

Being able to explain how ERP software can benefit your business is one thing but being able to demonstrate how it would work within your business is a whole different ball game. This will be a key indicator as to how well the partner will implement the ERP to your desired needs as a business. 
Software partners should provide demonstrations of how the product will work for your business and this may be a major factor in your decision-making process when it comes to choosing the right company to do the job. It would be wise to see which partner provides the best solution to your problems, if you find that a partner is drawing the focus of the project onto issues they feel are a problem and not the ones you initially stated, this may indicate that have either not listened to you or they are simply not able to provide you with the capabilities you need to overcome these issues.   

Can they demonstrate that your investment will be future proofed? 

It's all well and good having a new bespoke system that meets your needs as a business and eradicates your previous issues and pain points. But being able to demonstrate how the proposed system will support your business for many years to come is essential.  

Many ERP systems may provide similar functionality, but it is the technology that is used which must be future proofed for your business to scale with the system proposed and ensure that it will work for years to come. The last thing you would want is that the system you invest in becomes obsolete within a few years or fails to meet the capabilities of future ERP solutions, resulting in further investment into new systems in the future.  

Do they have clear terms and conditions for their contracts? 

As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. You may be presented with a contract that has surprisingly low costs (compared to others) or reasonably laid out terms which may see your implementation through to the end. But, you must also ensure to read the finer details which can sometimes be hidden within a contract. This could be for example limited support calls, annual fee increases, regularity of software updates, consultancy rate increases (post implementation) and many other possible limitations to the level of support you will receive from said partner.  

It is best to ensure that the partner you choose is not only open about their relevant charges, support obligations and the prices you pay for such services but also one that sets this out from the very beginning.  

Choose the right ERP partner for you, speak to Syscom 

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