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Over the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic effecting every business in the UK in one way or another, businesses have had to adapt in order to survive. This includes making it possible for their workforce to continue normal daily activities remotely while still maintaining the security and daily up keep of their IT infrastructure. 

Many SME's simply do not have the finance or internal expertise to successfully implement the latest technology and maintain its upkeep, meaning that often SMEs tend to fall behind in technology adoption and suffer as a result of not being able to compete better with similar, but larger, organisations who can.  

The combination of the latest technology and industry leading MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) have enabled many SME's to revolutionise their operations and embark on their digital transformation journey.


How can a Managed Service Provider Overcome these Challenges and Ensure Digital Transformation Success? 

Affordable/Cost Effective Solutions  

Using a MSP helps SME's to reduce the initial and ongoing costs of implementing digital technologies throughout their business. Using a MSP firstly eliminates the need for IT staff and technicians to manage the daily upkeep of IT infrastructure and to deal with IT support issues throughout the business. On average an IT technician can cost around £22,000 - £24,000 a year (glassdoor.co.uk) with managers and IT specialists costing more than that. This amounts to a significant investment for a small company wishing to take advantage of digital services.  

Using a managed IT services provider allows businesses access to a dedicated team of IT technicians and specialists who manage and maintain the upkeep of their business IT systems while also tending to IT support issues required by staff. The cost associated with this type of service is often considerably lower and made available to businesses on subscription-based pricing. 

The emergence of cloud technology has also paved the way for cheaper and more affordable IT solutions to be made available for SMEs. Using cloud technology means that SMEs do not need to make vast initial investments into IT infrastructure, servers, hardware, and software to access such services which makes using a MSP a far more affordable option. 

High Level Security & Backup Solutions 

With companies basing the foundations and IT infrastructure of their businesses digitally comes the risk of cyber-attacks and potential threats which pose a risk to the security of business data. Security breaches have had detrimental effects on businesses large and small, although many smaller organisations, which tend to fall victim to poor security, can sometimes not  recover from the financial implications of  cyber-attacks.  

Using a managed IT service provider allows businesses to take advantage of high-level IT security solutions which protects business critical data without the need for advanced and costly infrastructure. This enables many smaller companies to take advantage of these services and  ensures that they are protected as they grow and continue to use digital technologies to enhance operations.  

Too often, businesses which adopt various digital technologies fail to see the importance of security until something happens (take a look at our case study: The Importance of back up). With the COVID-19 pandemic making it difficult to work from traditional office locations, many businesses have rushed to get systems put in place to ensure their workforce can work remotely. This has led to a rise in cyber security issues relating to remote working which has seen many businesses targeted at already challenging times.  

Using an IT MSP to take control of business security for IT systems ensures 24/7 monitoringwhich proactively identifies, detects and eliminates potential threats which may cause problems to the business. Alongside this, business critical data is also copied and transferred off site, backed up safely, to ensure that in the event of a cyber-attack, business data that is being produced up until the point of the attack is not lost, but encrypted and stored safely to allow the business to restore back to their normal operations. 

Supporting Growth with the Latest Technology and Services 

Using the latest technology allows SME businesses to improve their operations and better compete in their industry, which in turn allows businesses to grow. However, gaining access to the latest technology on a continuous basis is usually costly and mostly unavailable to SMEs, without the help of a Managed IT Service Provider. As businesses grow, the needs of that business usually change and grow also, outlining the need for technology to be updated on a regular basis to maintain this standard moving forward.  

Interested to find out how a Managed Service Provider could benefit your business?

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