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With many companies' widespread adoption of hybrid and remote work models, employees staying connected is paramount for maintaining productivity.  

Powered by advanced AI and insights, Microsoft Viva is dedicated to enhancing employee engagement and driving your business performance to new heights through ongoing improvements. 

What is Microsoft Viva? 

Microsoft Viva is a ground-breaking platform designed to revolutionise the modern workplace experience. Built into Microsoft Teams, it serves as a hub for employee engagement, learning, well-being, productivity and knowledge sharing.  

Viva is an employee experience platform that leverages AI and analytics to provide personalised insights and resources, empowering individuals, and organisations to thrive in a digital-first world.

From enhancing collaboration and fostering connections to prioritising employee wellbeing and professional development, Microsoft Viva redefines the way we work, ensuring that people remain at the heart of productivity and innovation. 

How Does Viva Improve Employee Communities & Communication?

Microsoft Viva helps you to revitalise your approach to employee communication and engagement. This innovative software allows you to inspire your workforce with platforms for dialogue, company updates, and common interests. It does this through: 

Viva Connections 

Viva Connections is a central component of the Microsoft Viva platform. It serves as a gateway for employees to access company news, announcements, resources, and other valuable information within the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams

By integrating company intranet resources directly into Teams, Viva Connections streamlines access to critical information, enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction. 

Connections also provides a personalised and engaging employee experience, enabling you to effectively communicate with your workforce, and facilitate collaboration regardless of location or device.

Viva Engage 

Microsoft Viva Engage is a module within the Viva platform designed to enhance employee engagement and promote a positive workplace culture.

It utilises data-driven insights and AI technologies to provide personalised experiences for employees, so you can understand and effectively address the needs and sentiments of your workforce. 

Viva Engage helps communication, recognition, and feedback mechanisms, empowering employees to connect, collaborate, and contribute meaningfully to your business goals. 

Viva Amplify 

Microsoft Viva Amplify is a feature that focuses on knowledge sharing and expertise discovery.

It allows employees to showcase their skills and contributions to the broader company community. Through Viva Amplify, individuals can create profiles, share their knowledge, and engage with others by providing feedback, endorsements, and recommendations.

This builds a culture of collaboration and learning, enabling employees to connect with peers, seek advice, and discover relevant content and experts across the organisation.