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Managing multiple IT staff and equipment with a limited budget can be inefficient, which is why more businesses are turning to managed IT service providers to reduce their IT costs, avoid downtime, improve IT security, and compete better.

Reduce Your IT Costs

  • Controlled and predictable spending
  • Reduce the risk of costly mistakes

IT costs can be significantly reduced when outsourcing your IT department to a managed service provider. Initially, this will provide you with a controlled and predictable spending pattern, allowing for more accurate future financial planning. It is also significantly cheaper to employ a managed service provider than to source your own in-house IT department which ultimately needs hardware, software, skilled staff plus other resources to be able to run effectively.

By using a managed service provider, you can also take advantage of a reduction in the risk of costly mistakes which lead to network or data issues. These costs are usually the result of poor planning or lack of IT knowledge and can come as an unexpected and costly expense to businesses.

Avoid IT Downtime

  • Reduce disruption to your business
  • Identify issues before they become threats

Downtime of IT systems can have massive ramifications for companies and can result in revenue loss and damaged brand reputation. Managing the uptime of IT systems, however, is often challenging for smaller IT teams as it requires careful round-the-clock monitoring.
A managed service provider will offer 24/7 remote monitoring to identify issues before they become threats. At Syscom, we also provide a systematic assessment to identify security weaknesses throughout your IT infrastructure, whether it be single site or multiple site locations. Any threats or vulnerabilities that are found are allocated a severity level and dealt with accordingly.

Improve IT Security

  • Guarantee IT security compliance
  • Reduce risk of cyber-attacks
  • Gain peace of mind

IT Security is a complex and sensitive issue when regarding business-critical data and sensitive customer data which needs optimised security, round the clock.
Too often, companies fall victim to cyber-attacks due to insufficient security compliance which can later lead to significant problems, including loss of data and substantial downtime.

Outsourcing your IT security to a managed service provider means you can not only reduce the risk of security threats but also take advantage of not needing to proactively monitor and maintain IT security in-house, freeing up time for other areas of your business. Your business can continually capitalise on the latest IT security features and technology without the need to provide further investments to an in-house IT department.

Scale IT to current business needs

  • The flexibility of scaling up/down when required
  • Only pay for what you need

At Syscom, our Managed Service offering allows you the flexibility to pick and choose the required services you need for your business. This is particularly helpful when needing to scale operations up or down in short periods of time to meet changes in demand.

Compete Better

  • Take the lead with competitive IT systems

Small and medium-sized businesses tend to not be able to afford their own IT department to cover all internal services, with their larger competitors leading the way. Managed service providers allow businesses to level the playing field when it comes to IT which can become a significant advantage to those businesses looking to better compete within their existing or even new markets.

Managed IT Services - A Case Study

Read this case study about the managed IT services we provide to one of our customers, and how our service has reduced their downtime and improved IT security. 

  • Support calls were reduced by 70%
  • Streamlining the system resulted in a reduction in IT costs
  • Hardware support keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Fully secure cloud backup for peace of mind.


Are you thinking of outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider?

Your IT infrastructure not only provides you with the foundations upon which to run your business, but it can also provide you with highly effective tools to optimise your day-to-day business processes.

At Syscom, we can help you with your IT at any point of your journey, whether you’re just starting to set up, need ongoing IT support, want to develop your infrastructure or just want to be able to access support when needed.

Get in touch with us today about our managed IT services - call on 01384 400 600, email info@syscom.plc.uk or submit a contact form below.