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When talking about the ability to implement an ERP system, using the biggest or the most well-known software supplier doesn’t necessarily mean that your project will be completed within an efficient time frame or be of sufficient quality. 

This presents a problem for many businesses looking for an ERP system to solve the challenges they face and to support their growth across all facets of the business.  

What  should you look for when selecting a supplier for your ERP project to save you time, money and resources across the project duration? 

Size of Teams Involved 

With larger suppliers dominating the market share of ERP implementations, you may believe that having more people involved in the process will benefit your organisation. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better – with larger suppliers, information gets shared across multiple teams, meaning the finer details are more likely to get missed and ultimately forgotten. 

 Larger suppliers will often employ different teams to work on each stage of implementation across planning, design, development, testing and deployment.  Although this may seem beneficial, it can also lead to extensions in agreed timescales due to the various communication challenges and barriers that arise when working with multiple teams. 


Customer Retention Rate 

Many ERP suppliers may sell the idea of perfect project implementation but this isn’t always the case. Many businesses find that projects fail to materialise, with many of the agreed deliverables often re-scheduled, increased in price or eliminated from the final product altogether.   

Suppliers are often judged on their bottom line and not on their ability to retain customers through successful projects and outstanding dedication to service. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, Syscom runs a successful ERP project recovery service which aims to fix the issues created by your current supplier. Find out about Dynamics Medic for more information. 


Relevant references within your industry 

There are many ways in which ERP software can be tailored for different industries to provide a highly bespoke product with all the required functionality and benefits. 

Many ERP suppliers specialise in their own industry and, as a result, often tend to attract these types of clients to their software. The important part in choosing the right supplier for your industry is the level of experience they have. If the supplier cannot demonstrate that they have helped other businesses within your industry, have in-house expertise, or have a detailed understanding of how your industry works, then you may find that the supplier is unable to provide your business the product it requires, at the right price or within your desired time frame.