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The Christmas countdown gets earlier every year – with festive products hitting shelves as early as the end of summer. To better prepare for busy holiday periods, manufacturers must work in advance to handle demand. Technology and intelligent business software are proving effective methods to better prepare for the festive period.  


Big Data in Manufacturing  

Big data takes vast amounts of data from on-site machinery and equipment and turns it into useful insights which aids decision making and helps create a more connected factory.  

  • Stock/inventory – Utilising big data, intelligent business software not only provides stock location and quantity but also calculates the amount of raw material required to fulfil orders and notifies you of a shortfall. Software can be configured so that when an order is placed online, an item list is automatically generated, and a space is allocated to the production schedule. 
  • Workforce management – Data can help you better prepare your workforce for peak periods to ensure orders are fulfilled on-time. For example, data is used to calculate the amount of resources needed to complete production, allowing you to allocate the right amount of people to the right job. Intelligent recommendations can also be provided to your staff to enhance the way they work and to improve overall efficiency.  
  • Demand forecasting – The more data available, the more accurate the predictions. Forecasting allows you to anticipate seasonal demand so that you can plan accordingly for the predicted amount. Variables can also be added to account for sudden changes, such as new product releases, which can affect anticipated demand.  
  • Traceability – Intelligent business software lodges the batch number and serial bar code of each product so you can track and trace individual items and their concurrent information such as product origin, delivery locales and final destination.  


Automation of key business processes 

Automating key processes within the production process can save vast amounts of time and help reduce operational errors. Areas which can be automated include: 

  • Order processing  
  • Inventory management 
  • Production 
  • Packaging
  • Stock ordering


Strategic planning with AI & Machine Learning 

Strategically planning for busy holiday periods is essential to ensure your business has the capacity to fulfil orders whilst minimising the amount waste produced. AI & Machine Learning predicts demand to identify the required materials, items, resources and workforce with minimal waste. 


Want to make sure you’re prepared for Christmas next year?  

To learn more about how our manufacturing software can enable you to better prepare for peak periods, get in touch to speak to one of our manufacturing advisors who can provide more detail into the software capabilities that could work for you.