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Technology has revolutionised the fashion industry – from the rise of eCommerce to the introduction of AI-driven trend forecasting, tech has pushed fashion brands into new, digital landscapes. 

The shift to digital has also empowered consumers to take a more active role in the industry. Emphasis has moved from brands creating demand, to brands identifying what consumers actually want. Consumers can also interact directly with the brand, offering them more autonomy and control over their buying habits.

To make sense of this paradigm-shift, fashion manufacturers are utilising technology to better understand their customers and provide an improved service as a result. This technology comes in the form of ERP software for apparel manufacturers which provides big data and analytics.

Customer Profiling  

Understanding consumer behaviours and preferences is essential for an industry that is fast-moving and ever-changing. Through the use of Big Data, apparel manufacturers can gather information and subdivide their customer base based on a series of key characteristics, such as: 

  • Preferences 
  • Type of style 
  • Colour 
  • Design of clothing 
  • Fabric used 
  • Material used 

Market segmentation helps identify your most profitable customers which means apparel manufacturers can tailor their products and services to those most likely to buy them. Customising your products and services to meet market demand can also increase customer retention and brand loyalty which is key in today’s competitive market.  

Find out more about how fashion manufacturers can use customer profiling to understand their customers' needs.

Demand Forecasting 

Accurately predicting demand is an essential part of the fashion manufacturing cycle. Failing to do so can be costly as you run the risk of over purchasing stock which may leave your business with huge quantities of wasted materials.

Ever-changing consumer demands makes trend forecasting even more of a challenge for apparel manufacturers. However, by using Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can structure thousands of data sets captured from across your business to provide insight – and thereby improve accuracy – into upcoming demand. 

Accurate demand forecasting allows apparel manufacturers to: 

  • Reduce wasted materials 
  • Reduce over-purchased stock 
  • Optimised inventory levels 
  • Improve customer loyalty/satisfaction 

Production Efficiency 

Each stage in the production cycle offers a data series which, when analysed, can provide insight into problem-areas within your supply chain or production line. Data from ERP software can help apparel manufacturers identify issues such as: 

  • Bottlenecks within production 
  • Supply chain issues 
  • Quality control issues 
  • Machinery maintenance & repairs 
  • Skills/resources gaps 

Optimising production can reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of your business. For example, bottlenecks in the assembly line will subsequently affect every stage following that process – from quality control to packing and delivery. However, if you can indentify which machine is being bottlenecked, you can then make the necessary changes to eliminate inefficiencies and avoid costly delays. 

Marketing & Sales 

Beyond the manufacturing process, marketing your products presents its own series of challenges. Data can provide a means to understand your target audience – their likes, dislikes, preferred communication channels and so on, can be used to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing activities. Combining consumer data with the latest technology allows you to engage specific targetting strategies to maximise your reach and encourage growth.

For example, you can personalise your marketing messages based on a customer's previous purchase history or online browsing habits. One-to-one marketing has proven to provide higher ROI and a greater number of sales. 

Interested in finding out how your business can take advantage of big data and analytics? 

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