ERP8 Farm Fresh Brings Intelligent Business Applications for Farming

Our Farm ERP software, ERP8 Farm Fresh, is a modern and flexible distribution agriculture ERP system designed and developed by Syscom, ideal for farming communities of all types.

Unlike other sectors, working within the farming community comes with one significant disadvantage - your produce goes off. Whilst every means possible is used to prevent perishables from spoiling, the time taken from ground to plate is minimal. So being able to not only measure, weigh, package and dispatch but being able to analyse using big data which operators were used during which stage of operation can be a distinct advantage.

Requiring minimum maintenance and IT resources, ERP8 Farm Fresh offers a significant business advantage with an exceedingly rapid return on investment.

As companies struggle to compete in today’s highly competitive market, a means to operate gracefully using highly accurate information is a great advantage, having goods delivered on time and at the right price, ERP8 Farm Fresh is farm management software that's proven to deliver this desirable result time and time again.

Intuitive and Easy to Use Farm Management Software

ERP8 Farm Fresh is mobile and available on any device, containing a variety of ‘self-serve’ fully integrated modules which can be combined together to form a complete system, covering;

  • Financials
  • Production
  • Harvesting
  • Pack 'n' wrap
  • Distribution
  • Customer service