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Peak periods throughout the year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas time can be challenging for distributors, with an influx of orders and operations running at full capacity.

Distributors need to optimise their operations and align stock with demand to avoid shortfalls in inventory and make sure things are prepared for busy periods. We look at some of the ways wholesale distribution ERP software can help distributors operate more effectively during peak periods.

1. Demand Forecasting

Distribution ERP software allows distributors to run highly accurate forecasts with far greater accuracy than ever before. Using historical data coupled with machine learning, predicted demand can be calculated based on a previous year’s sales and alongside other variables which may affect the level of demand. You can alter forecasts to tailor in factors which may not be apparent from historical data, such as changes in legislation, current affairs or shifts within the industry.

Having more accurate forecasts allows you to plan your stock and inventory to ensure that shortfalls or over-purchasing is kept to a minimum, and that orders can be fulfilled on time.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce wasted stock/inventory
  • Eliminate over purchasing of stock/inventory
  • Align stock with demand
  • Accurate forecasts based on company data, machine learning & AI

2. Optimise Stock Management & Resources

Wholesale distribution ERP software analyses historical data to enable you as a distributor to align your stock and resources to match the predicted demand. Analysis can show:

  • Most popular products
  • Items often bought together
  • Trending items
  • Most popular sizes

Once a demand forecast has been produced, stock inventory levels and resources can be optimised to meet the predicted demand and satisfy customer needs.

An inventory based on data ensures that customer orders can be fulfilled and wasted products are kept to a minimum. It also allows you to ready your warehouse in advance so that you can rely less on the supply chain running smoothly throughout these periods.

In addition to optimising stock levels, distribution ERP software can also give visibility into required staff levels and resources, which is also vital in being able to meet the demands of peak periods throughout the year.

3. Reduce Order Fulfilment Times

Peak periods can put stress on the whole order fulfilment process – an increase in orders means the process can take longer than usual.

Distribution ERP software automates the sales order process. This can reduce the time from order placement to product delivery as the process is managed so efficiently. Control is not lost – within ERP software rules and credit limits can be set, dropshipping can be managed and multiple warehouses can be handled.

Automating processes can support employees working in a busy warehouse. With ERP software, information will be shared with all staff working on order processing, reducing communication-based errors.

  • Automatic, efficient order management
  • Minimise the possibility of human error
  • Easily keep track of orders in progress to help improve accuracy

ERP Software and Support to Help Distributors Prepare For Peak Periods

Syscom installs and supports distribution ERP software solutions that provide demand forecasting, optimise stock and resources and reduces order fulfilment times, all of which can help you prepare for peak periods throughout the year.

Contact us today to find out how your business could capitalise on wholesale distribution ERP software solutions to better prepare for peak periods. Call on 01384 400 600, submit a contact form below or email info@syscom.plc.uk