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Microsoft Dynamics AX has been one of the world's most functionality-rich and easy-to-use ERP systems that has allowed businesses to future-proof their operations and has been the foundation of many great businesses since its release. 

As a user of Dynamics AX, you may be facing two issues:  

  1. You are experiencing problems with your Dynamics system. 
  2. You are thinking about what the end of mainstream support means to you. 

We have a look at these issues in more detail here.

1. Experiencing problems with Dynamics AX? 

We have found that many businesses are dissatisfied with their implementation of MS Dynamics AX. The main reasons for this are the level of support they receive, the installation process going wrong, or the functionality of the system that has been installed not meeting their needs or expectations. 

Common frustrations we have heard from AX users: 

  • “I feel like I and the business are not getting the right support for my AX installation”. 
  • “My staff are turning to alternative methods instead of using AX”. 
  • “Fixes we were told were required and paid for - didn’t work”. 
  • “I spend days, weeks waiting for resolution to problems I am experiencing today” or: 
  • “I feel that I am paying for a service I am not getting”. 

Many are quick to blame the system itself, although in nearly all cases it turns out that the problems arise from the implementation of Dynamics AX, the fault of the software partner they have chosen.  

Introducing Syscom’s Dynamics Medic Service 

Syscom’s Dynamic Medic is a unique service quite like no other that is offered to businesses wishing to recover their failed Dynamics projects. With our wealth of experience and industry-leading knowledge, we have been able to help many businesses get back on their feet and utilise their Dynamics system to support growth and future operations.

2. Thinking about the End of Mainstream AX Support?

Dynamics AX is now no longer available to buy - AX was used as the backbone of the new Dynamics 365 (D365) suite of applications. D365 offers businesses a fresh new system, technology, and an improved interface with masses of functionality suitable for operations in the modern world across many different industries. Although this is the case, many businesses can still run their business successfully on older versions of AX. 

The last version of Dynamics AX was AX 2012 R3. 

Although Dynamics AX has been the backbone for many businesses since its release, 2021 marked the end of mainstream support from Microsoft for all AX installations which highlights another issue when considering what path to take moving forward.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your Microsoft AX system or thinking about changes due to the end of mainstream support, what are your options?  

Businesses who are concerned with either of these issues have a few options to ensure their systems are secure, future-proofed and able to serve their intended purpose.  

Stay with Dynamics AX 

If you are experiencing issues with AX due to the way in which it has been installed, you may want to consider a partner change. Whilst this may sound like a difficult, time-consuming task, switching partners is easy – you just fill in a form! Take a look at our Dynamics Medic service page for more information, or to see testimonials from clients we have helped.  

If your Dynamics AX installation does meet your needs as a business and your system runs as you initially intended to, then you may see no need to upgrade or install another ERP system at this time. But with mainstream support now ended, businesses still need to be supported with security updates, user support, design changes and feature requests to ensure the security of your data and the continuation of your operations. The question to ask yourself here is are you happy with your support partner? 

Syscom can support businesses running on Dynamics AX with the relevant updates needed to ensure that business-critical data and functions continue to support your needs. At Syscom we can offer you support for Dynamics AX systems.

Upgrade to Dynamics 365

As a Dynamics AX customer, you have the option to upgrade to the latest Dynamics software available, Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is the rebranded and improved version of AX.  

Upgrading to Dynamics 365 allows you to take full advantage of the latest technology and functionality available to enhance your existing operations and streamline your current processes. You also have the option to install the system on-premises, in the cloud or even a hybrid deployment depending on your current needs and available budget. Learn more about the difference between on-premises and cloud deployments.