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Businesses within wholesale and distribution must ensure that they keep their distribution software updated to deal with new challenges the industry faces. Upgrading your software can allow businesses to take advantage of the latest technology and functionality to overcome new challenges and outperform their competition. 

If you’re a distributor and notice any of the following signs present in your current system, it might be time to consider upgrading.  


Slow Performance 

Overtime, systems can become slow and have long processing times which can account for idle time and deter productivity amongst your staff. Time is of high value for distributors and having a system which underperforms can set you behind your competition and reduce your ability to get your products to your customers fast and effectively. 


Poor Connectivity 

A distribution warehouse often requires software implementation for different areas of the warehouse such as inventory, logistics and sales. However, these disparate systems that often come with older technology can lead to communication failure as they fail to connect to one another. Newer software connects all areas of your business through a singular holistic system that can be accessed in one convenient place. 


Frequent Maintenance & Support 

Additional maintenance and support is often required to keep an older system running at optimal performance. For example, security fixes, patches and hardware updates are needed for older systems running on new operating systems. Continuing to utilise older software can increase costs, the risk of system failure, or a security breach.  


Lack of Visibility  

Poor visibility across your warehouse has the potential to cripple your business if not corrected or properly managed. A lack of visibility in inventory, for example, can cause supply chain disruptions, surplus ordering, shortages and much more which can contribute to unfulfilled orders and more mistakes being made.  


End of Mainstream Support 

Support for old software products will often cease after a certain period to incentivise customers to upgrade to a new and more secure platform. Continued usage of an outdated system, therefore, can become expensive if third-party support is required.  


Experiencing one or more of these warning signs? Speak to Syscom today. 

If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, book in a discovery call and we can identify what possible solutions are available to you so you can achieve a better and more rounded distribution system.