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Microsoft Dynamics Support: Are you being conned?

Any user of a Microsoft Dynamics product will inevitably ask themselves: why am I being forced to take out a fully comprehensive 12-month Dynamics support contract for a product that isn’t supposed to break? 

Product support is for when something happens that you were not expecting. Perhaps you had finger trouble and deleted something you didn’t mean to. Maybe there has been added conflict between systems causing failure. Such occasions do not happen daily, yet you are being forced to take out a support contract that assumes it will.

Freak incidents are called freak incidents because it is in the name; they are not regular activity.

Why is a 12-month Dynamics support contract needed?

We invited several of our customers to comment: 

  • “Each year I shell out thousands of pounds to make sure my Dynamics system remains up and running and doing what it is supposed to.”

  • “I’m paying for this over the 365-day calendar year, yet I may get interruptions a few times. So, I began questioning “How many of those days am I actually getting support”

  • “Could these thousands of pounds be better spent on more pressing issues?”

  • “What if things never go wrong? Do I actually need a support contract?”

Your Dynamics system is designed not to break. Of course, things can go wrong and when that happens you do need help. But only when that happens – not all year round. Nor should you be thinking that “if I call someone it is instantly going to cost me”. These are all lies fed to you to force you to take out a 12-month contract.

At Syscom, our Dynamics Medic service is there on an on-demand basis. This is the heart of a Dynamics Time & Materials Support Contract. You pay only when you use our services.

Dynamics Medic is an emergency service for crisis situations – not a watchdog. 

No insurance. No excess. You pay us for exactly what you need, and the services provided at that time. Should your Dynamics system suffer, we assess, and then we solve. It’s as simple as that. So, we bill you only for the time we take. That’s it. Then we stay in touch to make sure all is well.

“At a time when we needed help with our AX 2012 installation, every company we approached wanted a full 12-month support contract that we knew we wouldn't use. Our staff are more than capable of solving minor support issues and Syscom were the only Microsoft Dynamics Partner that understood our needs and offered support on a Time and Materials basis. This meant we were able to carry on with the assurance of knowing someone was watching over us to pick us back up when we needed it. This is exactly what they have done for us ever since.” 

Kelvin Olds, IT Director, First Line.

As a business you should always be asking yourself: what value am I getting from any funds I am spending? Why pay for someone to sit and watch: pay for their actual effort in helping you.

Get in touch today to discuss the option of a time & materials Microsoft Dynamics support contract for your business. Call on 01384 400 600, email info@syscom.plc.uk or submit a contact form below.