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How long will you wait for your AX issues to be solved?

Don’t despair any longer, your issues can be fixed and your investment will not have been wasted. Have an AX Medic take a look.

In January 2016, Microsoft launched the new Microsoft Dynamics AX from its catalogue of world class solutions – however, you are still trying to get your version to work correctly and seem to be paying for a system that is not serving its intended purpose. You will only ever exploit Microsoft Dynamics AX’s true potential if your Microsoft partner knows the extraordinary capabilities of the system to serve your industry and is able to demonstrate these capabilities from a wealth of experience and knowledge.

To see the genius of Dynamics AX you must first be shown its true potential. Guided by a team of dedicated Consultants, you should be supported in the way you expected from the beginning. 
At Syscom PLC, we have launched a new AX Medic service, in which we provide world class consultancy and support services for AX customers. We have been AX developers for over 40 years and will not settle until your problems are resolved. Syscom follow a tried and proven methodology by first understanding what has been done, listening to your needs and fixing what is required to set you back on the path you first thought you were on.

Our support and assistance is available whenever you need it, you only have to ask.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the worlds best ERP solutions, don’t let poor support put you off.

Try AX Medic and realise the potential you once paid for but never found.

Microsoft support of AX 2009 is already nearing its end in 2018 and AX 2012 ends in 2021.