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More businesses that use Dynamics 365 are choosing cloud implementation over on-premise, however there are many that continue to use on-premise and are yet to migrate. Choosing the cloud can bring a multitude of benefits to your business and can help alleviate the burden of IT related management whilst still offering a system which is highly scalable and cost-effective.  


Economic Value 

Lower total cost of ownership – The total cost of ownership of cloud and on-premise systems can vary greatly. On-premise solutions tend to be more costly than that of cloud systems. Here is the breakdown of the typical costs associated to the ownership of each type of system.  

Typically, for cloud solutions, a business will pay for: 

  • Subscription fee 
  • Implementation 
  • Customisation 
  • Training 

On-premise solutions require far more associated costs to integrate the system into a business. A business will need to pay for: 

  • Software licence 
  • Implementation 
  • Customisation 
  • Training 
  • Hardware 
  • IT Personnel 
  • Maintenance 
  • Upgrades 

Having a monthly subscription fee allows businesses to better anticipate their associated spending on ERP systems throughout the year. Aside from implementation costs, businesses can eliminate their need for IT staff, additional hardware and system maintenance, which simplifies the entire process and allows businesses to excel.  

Ability to Adapt & Scalability 

Resistance to change can often mean being left behind. The ability to adapt, therefore, is essential for any business looking to succeed. The dramatic increase in remote and hybrid working forced many businesses to look for a solution that offered multi-location access across multiple devices. Cloud services offer easy access from any location with a single sign-on approach that requires internet access only, providing complete flexibility for businesses.   

Cloud solutions are also scalable. With cloud, businesses can simply add new users via a subscription service when needed.  


Eliminate manual processes  

Cloud solutions mean that you no longer have to worry about maintenance-related activities that require resources and expertise to complete. On cloud the following activities are automated and require no manual input to complete: 

  • Automatic upgrades, security updates and patches 
  • No infrastructure maintenance 
  • Faster implementation 
  • Customisations can usually be implemented without downtime and remotely 

Access to latest features and functionality  

Version updates often come with new features, security and functionality. However, software updates can be problematic for on-premise systems as it means implementing a new system, which can be a lengthy and costly process, with downtime inevitable.  

A cloud based system will run the latest software version available to ensure you always have access to the newest features and functionality. It also means that switching from your old system to your new one becomes far easier and can be completed remotely, meaning zero interruption to business operations.