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Syscom, in conjunction with Microsoft and the Furniture Industry, have collaborated on an industry specific version of their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Software for the Furniture and Soft Furnishing Industries.

Manufacturers constantly conduct daily analyses in order to make sure that they never, or hardly ever, fail to meet their promises to their customers. This means capturing every detail of the progress of each and every order from the shop floor.  This would usually be a huge undertaking, but using modern integrated technology this process can be completed simply and in real time.      

Barcode scanning of peel-off labels attached to travel documents is one way to do this.  RFID tagging is another, designed to keep you and your customer automatically informed of progress. Those who resell rather than manufacture are now able to find out accurate delivery dates on behalf of their customers by directly logging into their suppliers systems. Today's technology allows for this even more with mobile applications.  With the right kind of application software and IT infrastructure, retail staff can access information on a smartphone when they are out on the sales floor. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business software integrates your business with your customers, suppliers, sister companies, logistics providers and multiple warehouses in different geographical locations.