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6 important reasons why growing businesses are now placing their trust in Cloud technology.

Cloud-based services are continuing to grow in popularity as businesses, large and small, discover the benefits of being able to access their software securely at any time, in any place and on any device. In the past, there were concerns about hosting sensitive and confidential information on a remote server, however, new developments in technology and cyber-security have led to increased faith in Cloud services, bringing innovation and success to those who capitalise the way they use it.

The Cloud is not simply a network storage area; it can provide compute power. Accessed via the internet, the Cloud is based in multiple data centres and offers a protected, storage environment. This allows authorised users to share and transfer data, run everyday operations and communicate across internal departments and external sources in real time. The Cloud has many uses and applications (it’s not just for Office™), so there are a number of reasons why the Cloud has become the popular choice for forward-thinking businesses.