Knowing what to put where and when.

Within a warehouse this is based on how quickly things are needed and how often. For a Distributor monitoring and maintaining stocks on behalf of its Customer base can be difficult since they have no control of what goes through the till within the store.

Of course, the general rule is that fast moving items are placed near the doors to save time moving such stock around whereas slow moving items towards the back.

But trend within the stores often dictate movement of stock, so fast moving items such as Eater Eggs, Christmas fare can become slow overnight. The modern Distributor gains access to POS information to denote what stock needs to be where next day if not scheduled by the customer. This offers them a distinct advantage if the Customer does not have to schedule. So knowing your stock and associated trend can give you optimised Warehousing space as products ebb and flow.

Through Syscom's Professional Services and associated tools sets businesses can streamline and automate business processes throughout the supply chain and in the process improve planning, optimise inventory levels, reduce costs and respond quickly to changes in customer and supplier demand.