Companies within the Oil & Gas industry need access to real-time data, control of production, a coordinated workforce and complete visibility in order to make quick decisions.

The oil & gas industry is susceptible to sudden changes in business cycles, volatile crude oil prices, intense competition and strict regulations, global economics developments/fluctuations, political tensions amongst other factors which need to be taken into consideration. With fluctuating regulations, quality and standards are of utmost importance.

An ERP software system can help to manage the challenges involved in this sector.

Whether you are involved with energy exploration, drilling, the refining of energy or transportation, Oil and Gas accounts for the majority of the world’s energy consumption. So, how is it possible to cut cost from an industry so focused on money? The answer is by removing process inefficiencies.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Oil and Gas, Syscom can help companies to expose their process inefficiencies whilst gaining valuable insight using big data.