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Drive seamless end-to-end field service experiences

Scheduling field service engineers time is a challenging task. There are many factors that come into play – location of an engineer, skills the engineer has and materials and equipment available. A business can lose time and annoy customers if the wrong engineer is sent out, or if they have the wrong equipment and the job cannot be completed.

Technology can help businesses who provide field services to improve customer experiences, satisfaction rates and to provide the best tools and equipment to their service technicians and engineers. There are many areas for improvement with mobile technology continually adding value to the industry space by providing instant access, anywhere at any time.

Here are 3 of the benefits of using service management software:

Cut out manual scheduling

Using service management software can cut the time spent manually scheduling your engineers’ jobs. In addition, scheduling can be improved by being able to effectively manage parts and allocate them to each customers job, and experts can be aligned with certain jobs to ensure a fast and effective resolution is reached.

The utilisation of ERP software can allow for dramatic adaptations to the way in which service management is conducted and planned in order to streamline the processes.


ERP software for service management is mobile, allowing field service engineers to access customer data on the go. This means you can provide a personalised service to your customers using history, customer preferences and customer data to ensure that the field service engineer is well informed and can provide excellent customer service.

Likewise, an engineer can keep the service manager back at the office up-to-date on the progress of the job with a live audit trail, making communication easier and subsequently delivering better service to your customers.

Increase productivity

The right engineers sent to a job with the right equipment will help to improve your first-time fix rate. Service management software can help to make sure that your engineers always have the tools and parts they need with the help of intelligent stock management.

Inventory requirements defined in advance mean your engineers will always have the stock the need, and upon completion kit stock can be replenished.