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Your guide to Microsoft; Power Apps - Microsoft Flow - Power Bi - Common Data Model

Blog / 21 September 2017share



Why should I be considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 for my Digital Transformation?

If you look at the pace of change across almost every industry across in the UK, it’s accelerating. Businesses need to adapt more quickly than they ever have before. In the past decades would go by before industries would change their business models, the way they engage their customers or supply chain. That’s gone from decades, to years, to months and companies need a way to keep up with that pace of change - to have a set of systems that enable them to adapt and conform to the changing world around them.

That’s where Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Power BI and the Common Data Model come in alongside Office 365 and Dynamics 365, providing a platform that is adaptable and allows you to build solutions that are purpose built for their own company – and for each employee’s specific role within.




What are Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a rapid application development, ‘no code’ service that allows anyone to quickly build functional web and mobile applications. It is a simple drag and drop environment that allows you to build rich visual solutions to everyday tasks. It integrates seamlessly with Office and Dynamics 365 and can fundamentally improve core business processes – in a matter of days or weeks, where traditionally this would take months or years.



What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow allows you to create automated workflows for almost any task or process by setting up a simple set of rules. For example, if an employee fills in a form in SharePoint, you can utilise Flow to automatically create a new lead in Dynamics 365. There are hundreds of Apps and services that connect with Flow, including OneDrive, Dynamics 365, Slack, Office 365, Outlook, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, JIRA, Google Drive, Azure and Dropbox. Flow allows you to get real time notifications and collect valuable data, all with the goal of enhancing productivity and performance.



What is Power Bi?

Power Bi is a powerful business analytic service that empowers you to easily capture, analyse and visualise data within Dynamics 365. With Power Bi you have access to all of your data from across all Apps and services on one customisable dashboard. You can create interactive, shareable reports in a matter of minutes from your mobile device with easy drag and drop functionality.



The Common Data Model

By signing up to Office and Dynamics 365 you are automatically subscribing to the common data model. It’s the glue that binds what was traditionally two separate entities in CRM and ERP systems. The common data model unifies cloud data silos for analysis and ensures common entities across all platforms so your solutions can connect.




Microsoft Corporate Vice President James Phillips....

Explains how PowerApps and Microsoft Flow along with the Common Data Model can help your business adapt and keep up with the pace of change.

See more at: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview






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