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ApparelX – Build your own ERP software solution

ApparelX from Syscom offers flexible textile and clothing ERP software for modern businesses. With a modular nature, you only pick the features your business needs.

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You may think that an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system isn’t suitable for your business, but with ApparelX from Syscom you can create a solution that is as dynamic as the industry you work in.

Introducing ApparelX

ApparelX contains a variety of ‘self-serve’ fully integrated modules which can be used individually or be combined together to form a complete system – you get to build your own ERP system, using only the modules your business requires. As you only have the modules your business requires, you only pay for the modules you use. This offers an affordable footwear, textile, soft furnishing and clothing ERP solution.

Modules available in ApparelX include:

- Financials
- Manufacturing
- Procurement
- Distribution
- Wardrobe Management
- Product Development Management
- Order processing
- Decoration Management
- Inventory Management
- Customer Service

Find out more about the modules here.

With our experts help, you can pick what you need and build the ERP solution you require – not a system that you will only use a small percentage of.

Build your own erp solution

How can ApparelX help?

ApparelX is a modern and flexible ERP software solution designed specifically for the textile, apparel and soft furnishing industry. The system can help you to:

  • streamline and automate processes across multiple sites

  • reduce costs and increase efficiencies

  • improve your customer service and satisfaction levels, leading to market growth

  • become more competitive

  • optimise inventory levels – check stock instantly and avoid hold ups with orders due to stock shortage

  • respond quickly to changes in customer and supplier demand.

Accessible anywhere at anytime on any device, ApparelX is a set of intelligent business applications that you can choose from based on your needs today and add to as your business develops to provide a complete end-to-end business software solution.

Syscom – an ERP software partner

To stay competitive in a digitally driven world it's now more crucial than ever to choose a software provider that understands your business and your requirements.

With over 30 years of experience within the apparel industry, Syscom are widely recognised as one of the UK's leading apparel, workwear and textile ERP software providers with experts amongst our staff who have worked in clothing, footwear, accessories and soft furnishings – we listen to what you require, understand your needs and objectives, and implement software solutions that keep you ahead of the game long into the future.

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Case Studies

Take a look at some case studies below. (ApparelX is the latest version of SyscomERP, based on extensive customer feedback)

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