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Top 5 considerations for implementing ERP software

Things to consider when changing internal business systems and replacing them with a fully integrated modern ERP software system

Blog / 29 June 2018share

Choosing the right ERP software solution for your company is a big decision and is likely to require a considerable investment. But, it is worthwhile remembering that an ERP software system will ultimately support the entire organisation to deliver savings and benefits throughout - so there are several things to consider when making your choice.

Where do you start with choosing an ERP software solution?

This is a difficult task, as there are so many variations both large and small all promising the earth and delivery of huge benefits. Many even use the same words making it impossible to differentiate.

So to begin, look at all systems firstly at a high level to define which performs the way you are planning, then select a partner that sells such systems. Those that choose partners because of popularity and size often wish they hadn’t since size isn’t everything.  Moreover, the larger the partner the less likely you will retain control. 

Syscom - Top 5 considerations for Implementing ERP software

Here are our top five things to consider when changing or implementing your ERP software system:

1. Engage your staff 

Those that pay for the ERP system are not always the everyday users. So those that are to use the system should be considered, or you may find a rebellion on your hands and a refusal to use what you have just invested a lot of money into.

Involve your staff, let them see their views have been taken into account and keep those who will be using the software involved in the process – talk to your staff and keep them up to date. Getting your staff on side is half the battle and will help with the project’s success.

2. Cloud or on-premise - which suits you best? 

Although cloud technology has become increasingly popular, is it the right option for you? Make sure you’ve considered both options carefully to make the best decision for your organisation. Perhaps a private Cloud may be more effective.

3. What functionality do you need? 

Within a modern ERP system there are literally thousands of functions. Most of which you may never use so why pay for it? Select the system that has what you need or can be configured to your needs. Whilst systems with long lists of functions may look impressive, it’s important to remember what you really need and most won’t be relevant. This can affect how much you’ll pay for a ERP system. Your Partner should be able to guide you on this matter.

4. Choosing a partner

Be sure that your chosen partner can provide the level of support and customisation you need. Make sure they understand your business and specialise in your needs so you do not become just a notch on their rather long stick. Do they work in the industry you serve, and who are their current clients?

5.Think about the future 

Investment in software that carries longevity that matches your aspirations. Think about your organisations future, your plans, goals and direction, and how you will achieve this. Consider the flexibility and scalability of any potential system. Again, ensure that your chosen partner is fully aware of, and committed to your future vision and will engage with you to deliver the project required and not what they believe you need.

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