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Reinvent Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Seamlessly connect your Office 365 system with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Blog / 27 October 2017share


To stand out from the crowd, your business needs  to make every minute count and every customer engagement shine. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business management solution that makes reporting, ordering, selling, invoicing, and operations easier and faster from day one.

Find out how Syscom can help you integrate with Office 365 to super-charge your personal productivity and streamline business process - all the while driving your main goal - improving customer experiences and company performance.


Are disparate systems holding your business back?

For the modern business owner, your typical working day may not always begin at 9am in front of your desk. You need the flexibility to be able to reply to emails out of hours, prepare invoices from remote working locations, or track inventory over coffee. And as you grow, so your processes become more sophisticated

Switching back and forth between fragmented, stand-alone solutions diminishes productivity and  cuts into time you could spend developing new business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a comprehensive business management solution that can help your team reduce admin tasks and spend more time taking care of customers - leaving you to focus on the bigger picture.


Connect your people, processes, and systems

Dynamics 365 and Office 365 are flagship Microsoft products, so it’s no surprise that they go hand in hand, bringing your business processes and personal productivity together in an intuitive way.

Together, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Office 365 help you:

  • Drive productivity by reducing time spent switching between stand-alone software

  • Foster collaboration between teams and individuals -  breaking down internal silos and broadening visibility across the organisation

  • Accelerate user adoption and lower training time with a seamless user experience

Work where business takes you

We’ve all been in the situation where a high-profile customer emails you needing an order fulfilled in a shorter-than-usual time frame. With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you can find the information you need and act on it without leaving your inbox - checking inventory, creating purchase orders and creating quotes all within the same interface. You’ll be on to your next task within minutes.

Dynamics 365 workflows also help you secure processes and work on the go. Suppose you are out of the office and an email alerts you that a sales quote has exceeded your established 10% maximum discount. Right from your mobile inbox, you quickly review the quote and check the customer’s order history, account status, and credit limit. You make an informed decision to approve the discount, which automatically updates the quote and notifies the sales rep that it’s ready to be sent to the customer.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 seamlessly integrated,  you can take quick, decisive business actions right from your email – allowing you to spend more time managing your business.

Watch: "on-the-go productivity with Dynamics 365 for mobile"

Improve customer interactions

Sales teams often need to be connected across all their devices. Dynamics 365 and Office 365 work together to free up more of their time to manage sales.  Say your  sales rep receives an email from a customer requesting a quote on some items. The system recognises the sender, enabling him to easily pull existing customer data including previous  quotes, ongoing orders, and sales history. This data can  auto-populate, speeding up the process for your sales rep..

While he was sending the sales quote, a note hits his inbox from a potential customer. The system recognises that their email address is not in the customer database, and prompts him to add them. Without leaving Outlook, he creates their profile in the Dynamics 365 app. This kind of automation reduces time spent on administrative tasks, allowing your sales team to quickly respond to inquiries and ultimately improve customer interactions.

Simplify reporting and make better decisions

Your accountants run a crucial piece of the business. Dynamics 365 make an accountant's day easier by simplifying reporting, streamlining month-end close, and reducing data entry errors. Her day starts in the Dynamics 365 app, where she is preparing the monthly P&L statement. She needs to edit multiple invoices at once, so she opens the invoice list in Microsoft Excel. In a matter of minutes, she adds a new batch of invoices and updates the status of several others. With just one click, she publishes the data back to the Dynamics 365 app, where it’s automatically refreshed.

Wanting a deeper analysis of the month’s revenue, she switches to Microsoft Power BI. There she has multiple ways to analyse Dynamics 365 data, including the revenue information she just updated. Through rich visuals and custom dashboards, she gains insights she couldn’t get from standard reports. With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you get an end-to-end view of your business and built-in intelligence that helps you make more informed decisions.

Reinvent business productivity with Dynamics 365

Don’t let disconnected systems get in the way of your business success. Talk to Syscom today about bringing people, processes, and systems together in the cloud to help your business thrive.


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