A unique support service for the recovery of failed Dynamics projects

Experiencing problems with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2004, 2009 or 2012?

You are not alone. Often, users of Microsoft Dynamics AX bought it to future proof their growth ambitions and provide enterprise wide integration beyond that of other ERP software solutions. It is also probable that they spent a lot of time selecting Microsoft Dynamics AX after carefully considering and rejecting others in the process.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to achieve the benefits they once sought. Not because of the product, but by the way in which it has been installed. All too often the assumption is that modifications are needed when this just isn't so. Dynamics AX can be configured to work in many circumstances and all it takes is a little care and know-how and it will work for you.   

Through our AX Medic programme, we have put back on the rails hundreds of companies operating a Dynamics AX product who were struggling to get their version of Dynamics AX working correctly. Fed up with being ignored, paying for things that simply don't work or worse, being charged to fix modifications the partner created and paying for a system that is not serving its intended purpose.

This doesn't have to be the case. You will only ever exploit Microsoft Dynamics AX’s true potential if your Microsoft AX support partner knows the extraordinary capabilities of the system you have to serve your specific industry and is able to demonstrate these capabilities from a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We can assure you that it’s not the software at fault, but your partner. 

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