Protect your business and your data with Managed Security

Networking and security are tightly bound together in modern IT ecosystems. Attackers typically use your network as their entry point sending malicious network traffic designed to compromise computers and gain a foothold in your digital infrastructure. Unless you scan your network traffic to spot and stop them, you leave yourself vulnerable.

Syscom has years of expertise in managing both. Our consultants and industry partners have a range of tools and techniques that protect sensitive company information as it flows across local area or wide area networks and beyond.

We can provide next-generation switching technologies to maintain application performance along with network services that let you access applications securely from anywhere. 

Simplify your security infrastructure with bespoke security services, specifically configured for your network, ensuring that monitoring and protection are in effect immediately and monitored continuously.

We manage your technology, networks and infrastructure, enabling you to better manage budgets and your people.