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Syscom release their newest version of ERP, ApparelX - a modern and flexible ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solution designed and developed specifically for Textile and Apparel Companies which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Syscom’s world class ERP System has been completely reworked and redesigned to meet the specific requirements needed in Apparel, Textile and Fashion Industries and has already proven itself a triumph with Syscom’s customers at a time where competition is high and reliability is paramount.

Syscom’s ApparelX provides vital functionality necessary to operate efficiently in these industries, ensuring that goods will be delivered on time and in budget to allow your company to flourish and grow comfortably. ApparelX is highly scalable for organisations both large and small, used by some of the industry’s best and well known high street names, ApparelX represents a proven, affordable set of Business Tools requiring the minimum of maintenance and IT resource. It offers significant business advantage with an exceedingly rapid return on investment (ROI).