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In November 2016 we saw the UK General release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. A composition of the former Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP). Much has been debated about the hybrid ‘Cloud’ solution but here are some of the facts.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a standalone business application made up of seven incumbent modules that can be used as and when required, giving flexibility and functionality that can increase with the growth and expansion of your business. It is available in two editions: The ‘Business’ edition suitable for organisations with up to 250 employees, and the more extensive ‘Enterprise’ version which has the addition of Operations, Field Service, Project Service and Customer Service applications, elements taken from Microsoft Stable of Dynamics ERP products.

What are the applications?

- Sales

- Customer Service

- Operations

- Financials

- Field Service

- Project Service Automation

- Marketing

Is it right for my business?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Implementing and designing business systems for over 40 years, Syscom PLC is one of the UK’s most respected providers of ERP solutions. We have a proven implementation methodology designed to minimalise disruption to current operations. We Listen, We Understand, We Care; As part of our commitment to provide a premium service we will only implement a system we know will enhance your business growth to its full potential.

If you are an existing Microsoft customer across the Dynamics solution range contemplating what’s next, or you are new to Dynamics but would like further advice on how you can progress your organization, please call one of our specialist advisors on 01384 344244. Or visit our contact us page and we will get back to you.