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Your ERP system is an integral part of your business. The system you have in place today may not be meeting those needs or may not be able to support the growth and innovation that are part of your company’s future vision. Below are four all too common signs that you should be looking to upgrade your current software:

1. Our basic features are anything but.

To complete very basic tasks, you need fast and efficient access to basic features. If these simple essentials are not at the touch of a button your day will begin already two steps behind the start line.

2. Our systems don’t connect.

If your systems don’t talk to each other then you are not only susceptible to mistakes, but you will be doing more manual work than is necessary. A key function of any ERP solution is visibility across departments and the ability to make life easier, not harder. If your business data is scattered across different systems and databases then you can bet you have duplicates, inaccuracies, and a distinct lack of visibility throughout.

3. Manual fixes, a daily occurrence.

The precise point of Implementing an ERP solution is to relieve the workload on a day to day basis. This allows for various levels of business progression such as higher production levels, improved quality and accuracy as well as new business won through improved competitiveness. Unfortunately, many get so used to manual fixes they become a scheduled daily occurrence. If that sounds all too familiar, then it’s time for change.

4. No real-time information

Real time data is now crucial to cutting out inefficiencies. An organisations information system provides key data for managing and making critical decisions that impact the future of a business. A system that runs slowly and requires manual manipulation will not only be a drain on resources but is likely to produce costly errors.