Every Farmer, Agriculturist or Farm Fresh Manufacturer knows that their lives depend on the machinery used to harvest produce.

Getting produce to market to match the deadlines of customers is crucial for they will not wait and can and sometimes do go elsewhere losing you their business. So, when something happens that unexpectedly takes a specific piece of equipment out of the loop, the process stalls whilst you make satisfactory repairs.

Modern farming principles build in down time of machinery so effect such repairs and routine maintenance and like any other business, being able to service and maintain during low periods requires careful planning or it could result in costly losses.  

Syscom's ERP8 suite of business applications are both modern and flexible building a feature rich ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solution designed and developed by Syscom PLC, specifically for Farmers, Agriculturists and Farm Fresh Manufacturers. Along with their associated Distribution arrangements. No one is left out of this end to end suite of tools to built strong communication links that shares information with relevant people at various stages of the process. 

Whether you are the ultimate end user, you can see when your orders are to be filled or perhaps the Farmer knowing when to sew and what yield you will achieve. Using modern IoT technology there is now ten times the amount of information available to use than before. We are all now in another Industrial revolution where IT reigns supreme and through Syscom PLC we CAN effect significant change.